Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Food: Drive-Through Apps, “Faster”

Order on your tablet app, go directly to pick-up, and skip all the hassle. Airports let you carry that order on-board from their food pick-up area. How long until other franchises let you install such menu apps? How long until car manufacturers reconsider the car-to-franchise network for the drive-through? I wanted these apps all networked together with the weight watcher app.

The thought of faster food by apps, to me, meant more than fast food. I wondered how I get these ideas written down because between what is probable and what is there for you is the clutter of yummy temptations. I pretty much had given up all fast-food like franchises except for the occasional fresh salad, salsa bar, and coffee bought with pocket change. In that sense, I saw the airport menu-app as the one that consolidated the online payment with the basic commute expenses, and that immediately appealed to the drive-through franchises.

If your nearest McDonalds is like the one near me, it has two drive-through lanes that join together before the register window. Imagine if McDonalds turns one of those lanes into menu-app only for rush hour. People in the other lane order by speaker and wait until their food is ready. The menu-app tempts that drive-through wait away, especially if you tell Siri to reorder your favorite meal.

Of course, the other kind of weight doesn't go away that easy. Those various ideas of temptation settled on the thought that these drive-through apps network with another app that watches our diet. I doubted people would care much, beyond diet, except I had in mind that all those apps recorded your order. Those records then may be useful for when the doctor asks “what did you eat?”

"When they know your age, sex is the equation, and location is the datum."