Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sponsors: Quickened Stocks And Dividends

Minimize difference, or maximize success; if marketers only knew you did not want those numbers read more than once each day. We have known the algorithm to it when they are read more then once each day. Every one-percent of success is ninety-nine percent of the difference.

On the market floor, everything is said real-time. When brokers delayed live change by twenty minutes, that caused an addiction to the floor. People want something better than daily numbers. The problem with the word better is that it contains the word bet. Have you ever heard of any stock market floor on any native reservation? You know those handles on slots, those cause real-time change. I wonder about the delay feature in those slots. The only problem is when it all starts and stops, or every economist hopes for no interruption between those two points.

The fear of interruption in responsibilities, you know that never stops. What also does not go away is the way, many ways, too many, people assumed how you should contribute. They only really noticed the results of famous differences. That is big, no? Maybe we can change by each and every assumption.  More than once each day? We know all your responsibilities change more than once each day, yet I am not the preacher about how true, or not, that is for you.

It is well-known.

Let's not stray too far, and consider AdSense. Let's also consider Google's business plan: hire people that have been technically trained. Does that mean Google wanted students in their AdSense program such that they then look like sponsors of their education? Maybe that is another way we get stocks and dividends down to students. Until the student graduates, they do not get one special lesson. I can say “copyright,” and you knew that is part of that lesson. If the student blogs about their “contributions”; then, what part of that is not plagiarism? That is not part of the algorithm mentioned above.

I have heard many choice words, said and written, of how people express the sudden realization of their contradiction within the context of responsibilities. I can only imagine all perfect students are setup for that experience. How many are unordered? How many times do sponsors come to you and say something that they want their information on your blog? That was like the daily newspaper.

The key note of quicker is when you realize how much information does that daily newspaper have compared to how much it weighs. Does every sponsor get the best deal that only adds extra weight to the pressure on the carrier's back? I can't seem to think of any middle man to blame, but I have thought of ways that destination becomes quicker with less overall weight.

The wealthy people have market gains and dividends. Simplify that: gains are success, like that one-percent. We knew that, so wealthy people have dividends. We know students do not get dividends unless they inherit stock, and I did not say it was not possible. I said something that makes it easier on how we look at that ninety-nine percent of the difference.

My intent on this blog was about the transactions, daily, real-time, or delayed. I thought about how anybody like AdSense could reinvest those accounts into future dividends, for you. I thought of the possibilities, down the road, and how the attempt to explain that many would make me look too random. I thought, simply instead, about an AdSense option that lets you buy Google stock, automatically.

I also thought I was technically trained enough such that my decades of experience meant something. Some sponsors put band-aides on sore spots, and the injured may choose to keep that on, like special decals instead of random race cars, or go-carts.