Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hacked? was "Busy-ness: fork( stoned ) == stone!"

I found this blog post below and thought it was strange. Looks like somebody took parts of my other posts and randomly pieced them together. Now I know why somebody called me "bot". Either that, or I uploaded my brainstorm pieces by mistake... I doubt it, yet I can still ingeniously claim such pieces with the pretense that I overcame dyslexia, if any. This style stems from the the mix of grammar with programmer logics, like hybrid English with psuedo code.

--- original post ---

Truth; the dynamic-compiler knows this en passe, already. The basic prompt becomes the dynamic compiler when you can use the line numbers with magic manipulators. Unlike open source today, we did not have that open source hardware. There are reasons to fork repositories like a process.

How fast can the filesystem-tethered -named-pipe keep up. Let media types help hint; we have hypermedia; we have simulation; now.

"Prerequisite Material Systems"; they matter:

We can let social forks of those happen; one is setup here.

Not many systems can fork from 32bit to 64bit, so lets start with debconf. We have resolved step-by-step patterns into ordinary wizardry-helpers, like pop-ups; the bad thing with pop-up blockers, they killed the wizards.